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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on our flow of clients. We put up options periodically for clients to buy out there software and own it. We have done this for 20 years and see no change in that policy. We must throttle or maintain that flow to allow enough monthly and annual income to operate. It is a great feeling when a 10 year old client calls and says "Hey, saw your new upgrade. I want to order it." this is pure validation of our service and quality to clients needs.
Yes, please keep in mind if you do so you are now obligated to pay the monthly, yearly or other setup fee to keep software.
We have maintained, sold and operated dealers software for 20 years now. The decades of service see no end for a new generations is training to step in and take the founders place.
It is business of course we have had mad clients. The best client in the world is one that lost faith and you regained them as a client. We strive for that if it ever occurs! We re evaluate and adapt to there needs.
Payment methods in past leaned towards paypal, check, cash, visa, mastercard etc.. You can see our current payment methods by following the online ordering by clicking here.
In 20 years we have been asked for refunds less than 5 times out of the 5 times less than 2 followed through. However, as a policy in software industry there are not refunds on software. You can always use the free lienant demo period to make sure you are up and running before ordering. If not up and running as you wish we will extend the trial till you are.
30 days, 30 sales or 30 vehicles is standard. However, we will work with you if needed.

If you followed our help topics on Responsive websites. You own your domain. If you had another company purchase your domain previously your have to look it up in a whois or contact that company.

To use our REsponsive website setup guide You can click here to start.

Yes, if you do so you can manage your domain in our hosting control panel. Your email will be in the control panel as well however, we truly prefer you point your IP or MASK forward the domain.
You can study this in our help topics here Click here to read about Domain DNS and Name Servers.
Yes, you simply choose to either point your domain "A" record or do a mask forwarding. You can read abou this in our help topics.
Click here to read about Domain A records and Mask Forwarding.
This is a good question and quite common. A responsive dealer website if you resize a web browser responds to the size of browser rather than type of device. Example resize the browser you are in now to size of cell phone. Each area of site is mathmatically laid out to resize and look like a phone application.
A normal website will not do this... A phone applicatin will look right on your phone however it is normally built specific to your type of phone. Re Droid apps do not always work on a apple phone and vice versa. A responsive website works on ANY device!
A great responsive website automatically connects to phone dialers, maps, gps and more. As well SEO now looks to see is your website responsive? Do you have Responsive SEO search Grids?
Often times we can have your site live within hours. However, it does depend on time of day you place order, back orders and more. If using DNS pointing it can take time for nameservers to resolve as well. We like to have all sites live within 1-48 hours of ordering.
Recently, I drove on a 22,000 mile trip. As I did so, I learned instantly that in todays world Every company needs a responsive website. It shoudl be tied to gps, phone dialers, social media posting applications, blogs and more. Simply said if I was travingly or others and looking for you and you do not have a site it is more difficult on the customer.
As retired car dealers oursleves, we simply like to share our work. No need for us to collect thousands per site. We have 20 years of clients and enjoy sharing with them great products and services at reasonable prices.
Truly, if using a advertising source for a website and it is your primary domain. Be careful. If you change advertising companies you end up with new domain and SEO starts over. When hosting site wtih us we feed your advertising companies, social media, blogs, free advertising and more. You type vehicle one time in our software that is it. You use our repsonsive administration for image management and more.

We do not post a iframe.

We do not do a simple share.

We automate your social media with a true social media application! It post as you wish to your wall or pages. Either all info or what you select on a timer.

Absolutely, as long as you are not spamming or doing so for intent to harm the social media site. You are encouraged to keep your business pages and walls clean, organized and current with current events of your life and busienss. We can help!
Click here to read our help topics on social media!
Yes, and more. We can even post to your blogs, your free and paid sites and to your banks and finance companies. We believe in automating your life!