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Car Dealer Software Services

Dealer Software

Our dealer software has filled dealers needs for 20 years. Anyone who uses it will tell you how easy the interface is and and simplicity to update and support.

Dealer Websites

We have been distributing carhosting.com webites for over a year now. There stability of phone application websites for your clients are a must. You retrain owenrship of domain and end up with a beautiful website. You simply save your vehicle in Carlot Manager Software and it appears on the website.

In House Finance

Our in house finance is fully integrated to the sale. You can either do a outside bank sale, wholesale, retail or in house finance all in the same place. You have full view of all pertinent information and we have past audits in every state our math is rock solid!

Form Printing

We have two options for form printing. 1. Our online cloud will populate all forms and leave them as editable pdf. This can be done both through desktop software and online portal. 2. You can use the internal form printing and its included designer. With click of a button you can edit any form or report.


We are proud+ to announce that carhosting.com will be taking over all our adverting for you. With single click you will post to over 30 advertising spaces. Including your facebook, twitter, aol auto, paid sites, blogs and more.

Simplicity Is Key

We simply wish you to enter data one time. We wish it to manage your forms, reports, website and advertising all at one time. The need in todays world to not spend time on multiple sites is key to our success.

Cloud Storage For Dealership Needs

The ability to upload your files and know that one of the largest infrastructures in the world do a 10 day automated backup of the server is invaluable. The pure resilence to know 1 year, 2 years or 2 decades of data, images, files and more can be stored is a great asset. The ability of cloud to manage yourdomain.com and so much more is just practical in todays world.

Desktop Or Cloud or Both?

Remote access to your vehicles and ability to do a quick online sale is a nice feature. Although, we are limiting pure usage of cloud interface for now. I assure you not to far in the future it will be your primary software to use daily. The cloud dealer software has been running data storage and more for over a year and we just want to be 1000% sure it is all 100% stable and failsafe. Before and after going live you will always have desktop software in case of internet outtages or natural disasters.

Data Exports

All major advertising websites accept data imports to there sites. We have made the 3 common feeds. They will accept what you send them and adapt to it if you ask. Comma Delimited, Tabbed Delimited and Xml are the common either via ftp or feed. Simple just those types of feeds can handle most free sites and Paid Sites.

Social Media and Blogs

The importance here can not be underestimated. Every car you take a picture for or save to software for sale. Should appear on all popular social media sites and your personal blogs. We have automated this to one click for all those common Applications. This is not a share button those are on your responsive dealer website. This is a actual applicatin feed directly to your wall of your social medias.

Clients Testimonials

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